Business Opportunities For Online Income – Video Marketing

If you’re looking for business opportunities for online income – we’re talking stacks of internet money – then one doesn’t have to look very far to see that online videos have taken the internet world by storm. The popularity of viral video sites like YouTube has upped what the average internet user expects in entertainment – not to mention in marketing.

For the internet marketing newbie looking to make online income, this can seem like one of the most daunting business opportunities: how do you use professional videos to market your internet business, especially when you’re new to it all? Just follow these four tips and techniques for creating your video campaign, and you’ll attract a sophisticated audience that will be so impressed with your marketing, they’ll be clamoring for your product and regard you as an internet guru!

Start out strong. Thanks to the internet, the average user can find everything on anything – and now have the attention spans to prove it. Experts agree that when it comes to internet marketing, the average entrepreneur has about three seconds to capture the attention of their audience before they move on. The same applies to videos. No matter how pretty or sophisticated your video may be, if it doesn’t catch the attention of your audience, they’re going to become bored – fast. Grab their attention right from the beginning, and they’ll be more likely to stick through the length of your video – and you’ll earn more online income.

Put your video out there. It makes sense that the more popular a video, the more people will be exposed to it, right? Well, this is exactly what you want to happen to your video. Don’t just slap it onto your sales copy and expect it to sell itself. Distribute your video around the web (try sites like YouTube and Google Video) and watch how fast your video generates traffic to your squeeze page.

Keep it short and sweet. Remember the tip about grabbing the attention of your prospective client right at the beginning of your video? Keep in mind that no matter how strong you start out, if your video lags on, you’re going to lose the attention of your audience. Make sure your video is short but powerful, with enough content to generate your customer’s interest. What’s an ideal time for your video? There are many different opinions out there, but most marketers agree that two minutes is more than enough time to drive your message home.

For the most effective video marketing, you want to make sure that your video finds itself distributed around the web, as opposed to staying just on your squeeze page. Remember, the primary goal of video marketing is to generate interest, not to finalize any sales. Although not as revolutionary as viral videos, good old-fashioned sales copy is best for squeeze pages!

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Video Marketing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve done a simple search on Google lately, you might have noticed that they are now including more videos in the search results. Latest statistics from YouTube tells us that they get more than a billion unique views every month. If you can just imagine the amount of traffic you can get from just a fraction of the billions of unique views then you now know the power of video marketing.

Or maybe, you already know that. You just don’t know how to do it yet.

Don’t worry my good friend. You, along with a lot of other people (amateur and professionals alike) are still clueless as to how to make a working video marketing campaign.

#1 Create a video worth watching and sharing.

First, you have to embrace the fact that video creation is 90% of the whole process. If you have excellent material, you will realize that it is easier to make your video go viral. No matter how hard you promote a bad video, it will really be bad so there is no point marketing it. Fifty percent of the videos created everyday reach some kind of virality as long as it is “good enough”. There is also the idea of luck and other intangibles. Just make sure you create something worth watching and sharing.

#2 Don’t make it a commercial

Most people think that video marketing is all about selling things. Well, there is always another way to do it. If you are selling hair products, make a video about “10 Different Hairstyles for Summer” or “16 Tips for A Healthier Scalp”. Provide information for your customers. You can make it funny or even controversial to get more attention. Don’t just limit your videos to “selling” your products.

#3 Maximize exposure

Before your video gets viewed, you have to upload it on YouTube first. Make sure you complete the profile and include your website URL in your profile.

As soon as you uploaded your video, there are some things you have to do so you can receive as much exposure as possible.

1. Find 20 other videos on the “Most Watched” list that are on the same topic as your video. Post your video as a reply to all the 20 videos.

2. Create a playlist with all the 20 videos you have collected and use a title that includes the keywords that people might use when searching for such videos.

3. Don’t forget to use “tags” on your video and on your playlist. You can also put additional keywords on the description fields.

#4 Drive traffic to your site

If you created a video good enough to be watched then you can be sure people will go and view your work from time to time. Question is, how do you make them go to your site? Well, you can always put a call to action on the description field of your video (or put it at the end of the video). Just make sure you don’t become too “salesy” with your pitch or your viewers will just turn away and leave. Play around with their curiosity and fleeting focus. If you created your site well enough they will be as good as converted when they arrive on your site.

Video marketing is not as hard as it seems. All you have to remember is that you have to create a video that should be of value to your viewers. Do a bit of tweaking to maximize exposure and then lure browsers into your site. Just follow the simple steps above and you will start feeling your video marketing success in no time.

Internet Video Marketing and Your Local Market

Internet video marketing. Why?

Sometimes I receive inquiries asking if it will really help generate new local business. Well, the numbers don’t lie. There are currently over 3 billion Google searches a month for local information.

Never before have businesses had the opportunity to reach so many prospects, I reply. With video ranking as well as text in online searches, the odds are stacked in your favor.

But what should your video message be? Keep it simple and apply these three components:

Share Your Story

1) Develop a quick explanation in your video on your company and team members. The concept is to share who you are as a company. Because video draws the viewer into a story, your video needs to center around your story.

Also, add emotion into your video. Using emotion engages the viewers. They’ve already found your video. As they begin to watch, you are nearly halfway there turning them into a prospect. Include footage such as employee interviews, customer testimonials and why people do business with you create compelling emotional messages.

Fire Up Your SEO

2) Video ranks very well across all search engines. In a recent Forrester research study, nearly 80% of search results contain a variety of media. Granted, you will see an enormous amount of text websites and blogs along with article sites in any search result. Adding simple keywords embedded into your video will help you rank well against the competition.

Share Your Video Everywhere

3) In June of 2010, nearly 173 million Internet users viewed video. The majority did so on sites like Facebook, YouTube and Google. If you have a modest interest in improving your company’s online exposure, video is the icing on the cake to celebrate growth. Remember, if you are not growing, you are going. Meaning, if you cling to the more traditional methods of driving traffic (AdWords, paid traffic, article marketing and banner ads) your competition will surely catch wind of the video storm brewing.

Bonus: Turn One Video into Dozens

Doing so is easier than you think. Start by writing a simple script of your first video. Focus on the history of your company (stuff like when you were founded, by whom and why). Then keep this same script format but change the video footage to include your employees. Ask them to answer one question. “(Your company name here) to me, means what?” Have them ask the question on camera and then answer it.

Suggest employees answer from their heart. Also, recommend they keep their answers short. One sentence answers work best when you edit your video footage.

Next, using the same script, invite a few of your top customers for a free lunch or dinner outing. In return, ask them to say a few words on camera answering the same question. With some rock solid planning, you will have enough footage to build dozens of videos. Another trick is to use the same video footage and pictures but insert the new employee and customer footage in each video.

Good luck and remember, online video plus SEO equals more customers.