Internet Video Marketing and Your Local Market

Internet video marketing. Why?

Sometimes I receive inquiries asking if it will really help generate new local business. Well, the numbers don’t lie. There are currently over 3 billion Google searches a month for local information.

Never before have businesses had the opportunity to reach so many prospects, I reply. With video ranking as well as text in online searches, the odds are stacked in your favor.

But what should your video message be? Keep it simple and apply these three components:

Share Your Story

1) Develop a quick explanation in your video on your company and team members. The concept is to share who you are as a company. Because video draws the viewer into a story, your video needs to center around your story.

Also, add emotion into your video. Using emotion engages the viewers. They’ve already found your video. As they begin to watch, you are nearly halfway there turning them into a prospect. Include footage such as employee interviews, customer testimonials and why people do business with you create compelling emotional messages.

Fire Up Your SEO

2) Video ranks very well across all search engines. In a recent Forrester research study, nearly 80% of search results contain a variety of media. Granted, you will see an enormous amount of text websites and blogs along with article sites in any search result. Adding simple keywords embedded into your video will help you rank well against the competition.

Share Your Video Everywhere

3) In June of 2010, nearly 173 million Internet users viewed video. The majority did so on sites like Facebook, YouTube and Google. If you have a modest interest in improving your company’s online exposure, video is the icing on the cake to celebrate growth. Remember, if you are not growing, you are going. Meaning, if you cling to the more traditional methods of driving traffic (AdWords, paid traffic, article marketing and banner ads) your competition will surely catch wind of the video storm brewing.

Bonus: Turn One Video into Dozens

Doing so is easier than you think. Start by writing a simple script of your first video. Focus on the history of your company (stuff like when you were founded, by whom and why). Then keep this same script format but change the video footage to include your employees. Ask them to answer one question. “(Your company name here) to me, means what?” Have them ask the question on camera and then answer it.

Suggest employees answer from their heart. Also, recommend they keep their answers short. One sentence answers work best when you edit your video footage.

Next, using the same script, invite a few of your top customers for a free lunch or dinner outing. In return, ask them to say a few words on camera answering the same question. With some rock solid planning, you will have enough footage to build dozens of videos. Another trick is to use the same video footage and pictures but insert the new employee and customer footage in each video.

Good luck and remember, online video plus SEO equals more customers.

The Website Video Player Explained

Perhaps you have already visited websites that have videos on them and wondered to yourself how it’s done. After all, there is no denying the fact that they are a very effective marketing tool that can make your website a far more interesting site to visit.

A Short Simple Process

A Website Video Player tool simply allows you to take your favorite informative videos, either one at a time or as a group and converts them to Flash Video format or what is commonly referred to as FLV. The next stage of the process is to add a simple code onto your webpage, upload them to your web hosts server and you are done.

Website Video Player As An Effective Marketing Tool

It’s just common knowledge that videos are possibly the most effective advertising tool that can be used. In deed, you have been watching video advertising for years now on your television sets at home. It’s just far more easier for a person to watch video images then to read printed text.

Great For People With Reading and Vision Problems

If you are marketing products or services to the over 30 segment of the general population and aren’t using videos as a tool on your websites then you most likely aren’t reaching a a measurable percentage of your visitors.

Far Easier To Comprehend Than Printed Text

Older people and particularly people with any type of vision problems simply aren’t going to read all of your printed text. Also if they do read it they often times cant assimilate it completely as well.

Web Videos – Good Marketing Strategy

It is important to bear in mind that every visitor to your site is a potential client or customer and not having all that is necessary to accommodate all of your visitors is just bad marketing policy. This is why more of today’s savvy web marketers are now using videos.

Big Money in How-To Videos

This is a business that has made us BIG MONEY, How-To Videos.
In this article, you too will learn how to get into this lucrative business!
How-to videos can become very profitable, especially if you choose an interesting topic.

Obviously the first thing you’ll need, if you don’t have one already, is a good quality camcorder.
Get the best model you can afford, preferably with 3 CCD’s (Optical Pickups), and manual override controls.

Next you’ll need a good quality tripod, for steady shots.
Some good quality lights to illuminate your subjects.

Like video, good audio is just as important.
Make sure you have some good quality electric condenser and dynamic microphones on hand.
To monitor your audio properly, headphones are a must.
Get professional quality headphones.

A fast computer system, with a video capture card and editing software is a must.

The last thing you’ll need is a production video monitor, and monitor speakers.

Now that you’ve got your equipment, you need to do some research.
Go down to the local library or book store, and check out some how-to books.
Once you’ve produced your video, you’ll need to duplicate it.

The best way to do this in house (For Short Runs Only), is with a DVD duplicator.
If you need a large quantity (1000 Or More), you’ll be better off sending them out to be replicated.

You may have some customers that will prefer VHS tapes over DVD’s.
It may be a good idea to keep some VCR’s around with a distribution amp, this way you can cater to a larger audience.

To design your video cover, you’ll have to get some photo imaging software, and a good color printer.

Advertise your product online, in magazines and newspapers, to get the word out.

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