Video Marketing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve done a simple search on Google lately, you might have noticed that they are now including more videos in the search results. Latest statistics from YouTube tells us that they get more than a billion unique views every month. If you can just imagine the amount of traffic you can get from just a fraction of the billions of unique views then you now know the power of video marketing.

Or maybe, you already know that. You just don’t know how to do it yet.

Don’t worry my good friend. You, along with a lot of other people (amateur and professionals alike) are still clueless as to how to make a working video marketing campaign.

#1 Create a video worth watching and sharing.

First, you have to embrace the fact that video creation is 90% of the whole process. If you have excellent material, you will realize that it is easier to make your video go viral. No matter how hard you promote a bad video, it will really be bad so there is no point marketing it. Fifty percent of the videos created everyday reach some kind of virality as long as it is “good enough”. There is also the idea of luck and other intangibles. Just make sure you create something worth watching and sharing.

#2 Don’t make it a commercial

Most people think that video marketing is all about selling things. Well, there is always another way to do it. If you are selling hair products, make a video about “10 Different Hairstyles for Summer” or “16 Tips for A Healthier Scalp”. Provide information for your customers. You can make it funny or even controversial to get more attention. Don’t just limit your videos to “selling” your products.

#3 Maximize exposure

Before your video gets viewed, you have to upload it on YouTube first. Make sure you complete the profile and include your website URL in your profile.

As soon as you uploaded your video, there are some things you have to do so you can receive as much exposure as possible.

1. Find 20 other videos on the “Most Watched” list that are on the same topic as your video. Post your video as a reply to all the 20 videos.

2. Create a playlist with all the 20 videos you have collected and use a title that includes the keywords that people might use when searching for such videos.

3. Don’t forget to use “tags” on your video and on your playlist. You can also put additional keywords on the description fields.

#4 Drive traffic to your site

If you created a video good enough to be watched then you can be sure people will go and view your work from time to time. Question is, how do you make them go to your site? Well, you can always put a call to action on the description field of your video (or put it at the end of the video). Just make sure you don’t become too “salesy” with your pitch or your viewers will just turn away and leave. Play around with their curiosity and fleeting focus. If you created your site well enough they will be as good as converted when they arrive on your site.

Video marketing is not as hard as it seems. All you have to remember is that you have to create a video that should be of value to your viewers. Do a bit of tweaking to maximize exposure and then lure browsers into your site. Just follow the simple steps above and you will start feeling your video marketing success in no time.